Thursday, October 9, 2014

ARROW: "The Calm" and After You Get What You Want... You Don't Want It

Sometimes dreams do come true. And sometimes, maybe they shouldn't. 

On the season 3 premiere of ARROW, the dream that became a reality could've turned into a nightmare. But thankfully the episode "woke up" before that dream reached it's "happily ever after" moment.

Of course I'm talking about the unexpected (but longed for) Felicity/Oliver romance. I say unexpected, not because it came out of left field, or didn't feel right. It just seemed a little rushed.

And even though the Felicity/Oliver romance is something I'd wished for, it left me feeling like this:

Not that I'm completely against the idea of a Felicity/Oliver romance now that it's happened. I've said before that Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) is the only woman for Oliver (Stephen Amell) -- given the baggage that comes with the Lance ladies. 

And I still fully believe that.

And I even believe that it's perfect timing in season 3 to start exploring the possibilities between them. 

I'm also on board with Oliver's preempting of their relationship and Felicity's reaction.

However, I do think this episode missed a few subtle beats in the unfolding that could potentially derail the season if they're not handled right in the future.

Let's look at where this premiere was on target, and the few moments where it missed the mark...